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Double Cola History

1922 - Charles D. Little & Joe S. Foster establish the Good Grape Company to market their new grape soda, Good Grape.

1924 - Name changes to the Seminole Flavor Company.

1924 - Marvel Cola launched, name eventually changes to Jumbo Cola.

1924 - Seminole Flavor Company becomes the first company to use ACL (Applied Color Label) bottles to market their 7 1/2 oz. Jumbo Cola.

1933 - Jumbo Cola becomes Double-Cola as the size of bottle moves to 12 oz., twice as big as the 6 oz. cola's on the market. The Double-Cola name compliments the other Seminole Flavor brand, Double Line. The Double-Line was offered in flavors such as Double-Orange, Double-Lemon, and Double-Grape.

1934 - Double-Dry Ginger Ale and Tonic Water are introduced.

1935 - Double-Cola uses the slogan "Double Good Double-Cola."

1953 - The Seminole Flavor Company becomes the Double-Cola Company.

1956 - The citrus flavored Ski is introduced.

1957 - Double-Cola becomes the first major soft drink to be marketed in a 16 oz. returnable bottle.

1962 - Diet Way, a diet version of Double-Cola is introduced.

1962 - Fairmont Foods purchases the Double-Cola Company.

1964 - Diet Way is reintroduced as Sugar Free Double-Cola.

1980 - K.J. International purchases the company and becomes Double-Cola Co.-USA.

1986 - Diet Ski is introduced. Ski & Double-Cola get a new logo.

1996 - Cherry Ski is introduced.

1999 - Double-Cola and Ski get an updated look for the 2000's.


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Double-Cola Co. USA - History