Double Cola
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Welcome Double Cola Fans!

You've found one of Double Cola's biggest advertising fans & collectors! I collect lots of different antique advertising items including Iowa Oil Company items, Ice Cream Containers, and oil cans, but Double Cola is what started it all for me.

Since I acquired my first Double Cola sign in 1994, my collection has grown to include bottles, soda racks, flange signs, cardboard Double Cola signs, tin signs, photographs and much much more.

While I'm mostly interested in items with Double Cola's famous oval logo, I always consider adding other items as well.

Currently, I'm focused on expanding my collection to include other Double Cola brands, such as Jumbo Cola, Double-Dry, Double-Grape, Double-Strawberry, Double-Lemon, Double-Pineapple, and Double-Orange. If I found a SKI sign or two along the way, I won't be disappointed.

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This site is intended for collectors of Double Cola or Ski memorabilia, click here if you are looking for the Double-Cola Co. - USA. You can even order Double Cola from them directly as well.